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Data Entry Institute of Hawaii Does NOT Advertise -- There are NO openings at this time

Data Entry Institute of Hawaii does not advertise for data entry operators. Any "advertisements" you see on the Internet or elsewhere were placed without Data Entry Institute of Hawaii's knowledge or permission.

All data entry operators work from home and are independent contractors. Contractors provide their own computer equipment and software, pay their own taxes, and bill Data Entry Institute of Hawaii for the work performed.

There are currently no openings for data entry operators; however, you may choose to register your information with us on the remote chance we may need a few people in the future. You will then be able to fill out an on-line response form to submit your information to us.

Data Entry Institute of Hawaii does NOT advertise. If you saw an ad or posting somewhere on the Internet, we did not put it there, and we did not authorize the website to post it.

Once every two or three years, we do have a need for specialized skills and will contact people who have registered. But we currently have no openings. Please do not contact us. We will contact you.

(808) 348-2369