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Quality Control in Forms Processing

We work hard to achieve the highest degree of accuracy possible using a variety of methods and tools depending on project specifications and client requirements.

Field Validation

When designing the data entry program for each project, we make extensive use of field validations, including table lookups, formulas, and data-type restrictions. For example, this includes standard or custom check-digit formulas, city, state and zip code lookups from Postal Code tables, as well as any type of customer-specific data (e.g. vendor or customer lists, product or parts lists, etc.).

Re-Key Verification

When the very highest level of accuracy is critical in forms processing, selected fields or entire documents can be re-keyed. This applies to recognized text from OCR/ICR/OMR engines as well as data that is just being keyed. After data has been keyed once (or recognized), it is keyed again by a second independent operator. As each keystroke is made, the system flags any differences. These are immediately verified and corrected.

Address Correction & Verification

Undeliverable mail is very costly to organizations undertaking large direct mail programs. To reduce this cost and assure the cleanest address data possible, Data Entry Institute of Hawaii utilizes Correct Address® from Intelligent Search Technology, Ltd. to verify, correct, and properly format the addresses entered in accordance with USPS CASS standards. Learn more about address correction.

Experienced Work Force

All our work is done by a very experienced work force. Most operators have been with us for many years, some since the beginning, resulting in a highly-skilled, efficient data entry work force and first class service. That means quality data in the shortest possible time.

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Project Turnaround
When it comes to implementing and completing our clients' data entry projects, Data Entry Institute of Hawaii's services are done expeditiously and precisely.

Data Security
To address the ever-increasing requirements for data and document security demanded by our clients, Data Entry Institute of Hawaii has established a number of security protocols Learn more about Data Entry Institute of Hawaii's data entry security measures.

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