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Security for Data Entry Projects and Forms Processing

Document Security

Client original source documents are never distributed to data entry operators. All documents are first scanned using high-speed document scanners. Data is then either extracted using text recognition methodologies or is keyed from scanned image. Neither hard copy documents nor images every leave our facility, even if we are using offshore operators. When required, we utilize the services of a certified document destruction firm to dispose of client source documents, thus further insuring documents do not fall into the wrong hands.

Data Security

The bulk of our keying and/or text verification is performed from image over a private network. We use a thin client model, which means that all work is done on the central servers. NOTHING ever leaves our servers. Images, data, and all processing stay on the central servers. Data entry operators do not have the access to hard copy documents, and cannot print or download images or data. hardware configuration, or to different hardware of similar spec, if needed. In the event that a server cannot be restored, all network activity can be shifted to the BDR and backup files restored within one hour of commencing recovery procedures. The BDR then serves as Data Entry Institute of Hawaii’s network until the disabled server can be repaired or replaced.


As mentioned above, source documents are not distributed to data entry operators, nor can they print or download images. As an added measure, when privacy requirements demand it, we can "split" the image and have different parts of the document keyed by different data entry operators. Thus, a single data entry operator would never have access to an entire document. For example, one group of operators can be assigned to enter just applicant names, another can be assigned the social security numbers, dates and telephone numbers, and a third group can be assigned everything else. In addition, we utilize the services of a certified document destruction firm to dispose of client source documents when required.


As discussed above, nothing ever leaves our servers and we can have different data entry operators process different parts of each document, thus making it impossible for any one person to have access to all the information on a single document. Furthermore, our data entry contractors work independently from remote locations, typically do not know each other, and do not have the ability to communicate or exchange information. This combination of factors results in even better security and confidentiality than can be achieved when operators work next to each other in a centralized data center.

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