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Whether you are managing a 5-million record direct mail program, conducting marketing research, or just have a room full of paper forms you want converted to electronic format, Data Entry Institute of Hawaii's data entry services will meet your objectives for data accuracy, turnaround time, and cost.

Data Entry Outsourcing & Forms Processing Outsourcing

Data Entry Institute of Hawaii specializes in outsourcing of data entry services and forms processing. Data Entry Institute of Hawaii's work incorporates document scanning and a combination of key-from-image and advanced data capture and recognition technologies to achieve greater forms processing accuracy and efficiency. Other services provided to support our client’s forms processing and data entry requirements include the following:

Mail Receipt

Data Entry Institute of Hawaii can provide mail receipt, sortation, and batching for direct mail campaigns or projects involving large volumes of inbound customer response or application forms. We will set up a PO Box to receive the mail for your project and pick it up daily for processing.

Document Scanning

All of our data entry projects incorporate a sophisticated "key-from-image" system. Thus, the first step in our process is to scan hard copy documents using high-speed scanners. The scanned images are imported into our data entry system. For reference purposes, we include the image file name as a field in each data record, thus allowing the client to refer back to the scanned image from which the information was keyed. Image files are provided to data entry clients at no additional cost. On rare occasions, we will undertake scanning-only projects having little or no data entry associated.

Document Scanning

Data Entry

Data entry is performed using a key-from-image process, as well as various recognition technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Mark Sense (e.g. check boxes), and Barcode Recognition, Data Entry Institute of Hawaii utilizes a global work force consisting of workers iall of who connect to Data Entry Institute of Hawaii’s private network in the U.S. to perform their work. The determination of whether to assign U.S. or offshore workers to a project depends on a variety of factors, including the nature and complexity of the project, cost-sensitivity, volume, turnaround requirements, and client preference.

Address Correction & Verification

When processing addresses, we utilize a sophisticated address correction & verification process to assure clients that address information is current, accurate, and deliverable. As each address is keyed, it is instantaneously validated against a database of a current US addresses and normalized to USPS mailing standards. As an add-on to this service, we are able to append latitude and longitude to your address records based on the Zip+4. This enables you to determine which of your business locations is closest to each person in your database.

Internet Research

A growing area is Internet research in which Data Entry Institute of Hawaii's operators gather information from specific client-selected sites and provide the resulting data to the client in whatever format they require.

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